RemoFlex Terms of Service


RemoFlex End User License Agreement

If you don’t agree with this Agreement or its separate provisions, you may abstain from using website.
This Agreement becomes effective when you submit a filled registration form.
If you are a User of this Service it automatically means that you accept all provisions of this Agreement.



Service: both system of software and hardware components joined at provide interaction between Users.

User: legal entity or individual that finished registration in the Service according to this Agreement.

Account: unique username and password for access to personal pages of the User in the Service framework

Freelancer, Contractors: users who are performing any kind of services and works and do not have any sort of working relationship with the Client.

Client: a User who looks for Contractors and Freelancers via the Service.



2.1. By accepting this Agreement, the User automatically obliges, agrees and accepts to follow all provisions entirely. The User has the right to abstain from the use of service.

2.2. This Terms Of Service and all changes to it are valid from the moment they are published in the Service. Changes to the Agreement can be applied any time. Users confirm that with every subsequent authorization in the Service they are aware of and accept the Agreement terms published at

2.3. provides Users access to functions of the Service without delays except for maintenance. Existing services, their development and/or addition of new ones, are subject to this Terms of Service. User understands and agrees that all services are provided ‘as is’ and Administration of the website is not responsible for any delays, deletion of some functions or not saving of any personal user information.



3.1. User’s duties and rights

3.1.1. The user is responsible for the authenticity of filling out his profile and the information posted by him on

3.1.2. The following is forbidden in the Website: Any posts which are calls to violent actions or seizure of power or opposition of constitutional system; calls to substitution of state or administrative borders of Canada, violation of order instituted by Constitution of Canada; calls to arson, riot, or destruction of property, capturing of structures and buildings, violent overthrow of citizens; calls to aggression or starting a military conflict. Bad and foul language, abuse against anyone, including those based on race , ethnic or religious association and exaggerated patriotism statements. Abusive behavior and definitions against Administration or other Website employers. Assignment of posts and advertisement by Users:

• goods and services that violate the Canadian laws and/or violate the right to the intellectual property of Third parties.

• goods and services that don’t correspond to this Agreement.

• Trojan programs, viruses, internet worms, programs for hacking or unauthorized access to information as well as any other software that may inflict harm on programs and/or parts of informational systems. It is forbidden to post the following information on the Website:

• Any form of advertising of third-party sites, such as referral links and links to sites of a similar direction.

• Advertising of fast and easy income.

• Posts which contain foul language.

• Promotion of any kind of conflict by posting religious, political or national topics.

• Violation of the owner’s rights.

• Any kind of promotion of spam in private messages.

• promotion of any services or goods.

• Proposals and projects which require reward such as feedback and rating.

• Proposals and projects that don’t match the service specialization.

• Proposals and projects that were finished retroactively and posted to increase ratings and feedback.

• Proposals and projects that require non-payed test tasks.

• Proposals and projects requiring purchases of reposts or likes on social media.

• Proposals and projects created in order to collect users data.

• Proposals and projects that are reposts of another projects posted on website with purpose to duplicate the content and earn reward (acting like a middle man).

• Proposals and projects to purchase, sale or lease of any users accounts or third-party services.

• Proposals and projects, with description containing contact information of the customers. Any actions directly forbidden by Canadian law

3.1.3. Any user is welcome to submit his ideas and propositions to website improvements for Administration review.

3.1.4. Users acknowledge, agree and accept that the Administration of has access to all contents of the Service including private messages.

3.1.5. Users are forbidden to attempt to receive unauthorized access to any part or functions of the Service, other systems or networks connected to the Service.

3.1.6.User should register no more than one Client Account and one Freelancer account. Registration of multiple accounts of one type is forbidden and share login access or data to other users.

3.1.7. Account transfer to third parties is forbidden. Only one account should belong to one person.

3.1.8. Transferring of account is forbidden.

3.1.9. Advertisement is forbidden on

3.1.10. It is forbidden to use tools for spam of private messages or automatic submission of proposals to the project.

3.2. Administration’s duties and right.

3.2.1. Administration established the rules of behavior on the website and have the right to require users to follow the rules.

3.2.2. administration have the right to change the terms of service without notification of the user.

3.2.3. administration has the right to adjust the information published on the website at any time.

3.2.4. administration can send users notification messages during the Service framework.

3.2.5. administration is not responsible for any authenticity of the data posted in the service by Users.

3.2.6. The User who doesn’t agree with the decision of administration, can write a letter with explanation of reasons to the Website administration. administration can restrict the use of the Service by User who violates terms of service

3.2.8. administration has the right to ban or delete User profile, restrict access to the website and delete the content posted by the User without explanation of reasons, with the following cases:

• Violate the terms of service or any other documents connected with terms of service by User.

• Perform any actions that can cause damage to the reputation of by any user.

• Send us a lot of complaints from any users.

• Provide or post any false information in a public profile on

3.2.9. The website administration has the right to edit user profile without notification if the user is violating rules.

3.2.10. The administration has the right to check, delete, edit, upload and save all messages that were sent through the website for any reason and at any time.

3.2.11. The website administration is not responsible for any mistakes, errors, or missing data during registration to the website and will not be responsible for any king of damage in the result of these actions.

3.2.12. By sharing their email to the website Administration, the Users agree that their email will be used to receive service information, legal, and promo notifications.

3.2.13. By using, user agree and consent that personal and payment data will be proceed by any trusted third-party

3.2.14. Administration has the right to remove or block any project if receiving many complaints from users.

3.2.16. The website administration has the right to require verification of the User profile in case of detection of suspicious activity in the user’s profile.



4.1. does not participate court cases dispute between website users and those involving third parties.

4.2. administration is not responsible for the quality of the services provided by freelancers and Contractors.

4.3. administration is not responsible for financial lost of Users or Third parties that may be inflicted by using or neglecting functions of the Service.

4.4. administration is not responsible for any actions of users or Third parties that violate the Canadian laws.

4.5. administration is not responsible for information and materials uploaded by Users in the Service.

4.6. Administration will take every possible action to make sure that the website is functioning stable without any interruption.

4.7. User is responsible for all actions involved under his name on the website.

4.8. The user is responsible for the quality and delivery time of Project as he agreed.

4.9. The user is responsible to keep safe all his confidential data he is using to access to



5.1. is free to use

5.2. administration has the right to proceed or cancel payment for the services in the system if needed, and the users will be notified.

5.3. The user can purchase some bid using service currency.

5.4. When rules are transgressed, the fund used for service purchase is not refundable.

5.5. The Service funds can only be used to pay for the service and not refundable.



6.1. Personal information and data published on are received in accordance with the current legislation of Canada. By providing us with your personal information, the User grants his unconditional consent to the processing by the Administration of personal data and also for authenticating the authenticity of the documents provided by the user. The user can request or change his personal information contained in the databases of the Service by contacting the Administration at any time.